28 February 2018

Non-detriment Findings (NDF) for African Lion fly in the face of conservation & ethics

“By protecting the commercial interests of those who exploit lions instead of protecting lions, South African conservation authorities are feeding the flames that threaten all wildlife.” – Cormac Cullinan

15 February 2018

Draft Asbestos Abatement Regulations Published for Comment

It is a criminal offence to contravene the provisions of certain regulations and persons convicted of contravening them will be liable on conviction to 12 months imprisonment and in the case of continuing crimes an additional fine of R500 per day.

17 January 2018

Join our expert team in a full-day workshop exploring the hot topics in South African environmental law.

Cape Town // 13 March 2018 // 08:30–16:00

16 January 2018

Minister Calls for Paper & Packaging Industry, Electrical & Electronic Industry and Lighting Industry to Prepare and Submit Waste Management Plans

The Minister of Environmental Affairs has published a notice requiring the paper and packaging industry, electrical and electronic industry and lighting industry to prepare and submit industry waste management plans for approval

16 January 2018

Draft Waste Stream Exclusion Regulations Published for Comment

On 12 January 2018, the Minister of Environmental Affairs published a draft notice providing for generators of waste to apply to the Minister for exclusion of certain waste streams or a portion of a waste stream from the definition of waste.

15 January 2018

An end to testing of cosmetics on animals in South Africa proposed

"Like slaves under Roman law, they are the objects of the law, without being its subjects.”

12 November 2017

Rights of Nature Tribunal in Bonn finds legals systems incapable of preventing climate change

Cormac Cullinan was a judge on the Tribunal, which heard seven cases from around the world which collectively demonstrated that global and national climate change commitments cannot be met without fundamental changes to the legal systems which legalise the activities that cause climate change and the destruction of the ecological systems on which life depends

09 November 2017

Meet our team – Tendai Bonga

A Zimbabwean, born and bred, Tendai has been admitted to the High Courts of both South Africa and Zimbabwe, and has experience practicing law in both countries.

03 November 2017

Cormac Cullinan to judge case at International Rights of Nature Tribunal

"Cases will be presented regarding violations of nature’s rights from all over the world"

26 October 2017

Meet our team – Melissa Groenink

On top of her dedication for protecting the natural environment through her work, Mel is passionate about enjoying it – through her love of sport.

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